I am ‘gunawan’ wibisono, everyone call me with ‘gunawan’ or just a ‘gun’ or ‘wan’.

My motherland is Indonesia, called ‘nusantara’, i love my country anyway, how bad it is, i love it so. One thing i should tell to you that we are heterogen people with various etnic here, it is not easy to be united.

I was born on prabumulih. Prabumulih known well as exploration and drilling area for oil and gas. My father works on national company there till 1995, he decides to resign early because of bad environment inside that company, lack of collusion, nepotism, and corruption. My mother is very lovely mother, she knows what the best for us, she is ‘really really’ the best mother in the world. She is basic grade teacher, she works till my brother born, after that she decides to stop every external activity and be good mother for us!


I move on to bandung at high grade school, SMAN 3 Bandung, and continuing my study in ITB and bla bla bla…

profiling the bali’s beach

I am working on ICT business, my interests are on electronic issues, software issues, and also computer system.

my char biarin with ciz on deathly duet

I love to play computer games, offline and online.
Ok, i think it’s enough to tell you about me